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Marino Transportation Services

About MTS


Marino Transportation is a trucking and transportation logistics company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. A family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of trucking and transportation experience, the future of the company is secure. The next generation of family leadership is in place to further advance the principles on which the company was founded and built —— straight forward honesty, professional integrity, and consistent service performance while operating in a clean and safe working environment. These are the fundamentals that power MTS’s “Drive to Deliver”.

The growth and success of MTS originates from a unique blend of quality driven company team members offering a variety of transportation solutions to our valued customer base.

Our transportation professionals listen carefully and work directly with clients to optimize their supply chains by integrating systems and equipment to meet and exceed their service and quality expectations.

Established in 1999, MTS is proud of our partnership and commitments with companies of all sizes to include many of USA’s “Best in Class” Fortune 500 companies. Understanding and delivering on those commitments day in and day out is what separates MTS from a typical vendor/customer relationship to a true partnership. This is the cornerstone of our growth and success.